A word Used to Make People Think You Care When You really Couldn't Care Less.
Guy1 : I Failed Maths.

Guy2 : jeeze To Bad.
by JamJam$cene January 13, 2008
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Jeeze is the incorrect spelling of the correct speelling; geeze.
Oh geeze! why did you do that!!!
by Syphon Cyrastto August 3, 2005
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jeeze: compliment shouted at woman with bak-off (extremely round, pert tight arse jus waiting for a slap) The origin of this word is unknown but does have links back to the days of christ (when that fake ass crap was written anyway). Best in use when u see sum fine galli with her dick head fella, as u approach stare at her and once she passes, check for bak-off. If apparent u may shout "jeeze!" and if her fella looks simply say " wagwan blud! wat u lookin at u prick"
"jeeze! that galli had bak-off" or " jeeze! babyluv wats ure name"
by unknown cruisader April 23, 2008
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The cracker you eat at church communion in praise of Jesus that looks simular to a cheez-it cracker.
You may now take and eat your Jeez-it.
by stupified1217 July 19, 2008
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A saying derived from the phrase "Jesus Christ!" displaying anger/disapointment/wow towards a person/object/event.
by Catterpilr October 28, 2003
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Jesus' Nickname
Person: Jeez!
Jesus: Yes?
by HLLover4me January 17, 2009
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An expression of minor exasperation or annoyance
"Ah jeez, it snowed last night! Now I'll have to shovel the driveway."
by Blackmac October 28, 2003
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