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Zord is like the empasis of making something more elite than it is. It is similar to the word "zors" also. It is actually a suffix such as zors. The meaning is very similar except zord is a unique word because it is like the show power rangers.

The way this came out is that one's user name named PandaBoyx kept saying Zors while his friend started saying "WOW its like zord from power rangers!" ever since, they all started saying zord. Similar as "z0rs", you may also use the suffix "z0rd".
Panda: Wowz0rd, what do you want your ventrilo admin name to be?
Panda: HAHA, alright ill make hinson ballzord.
Kelvin: THEN WE CAN FORM THE c0ckz0rd!!!
Kelvin: You there? hey answar phaggazord. (online games dont allow swear)
Panda: you know you can just say faggazord? only gunbound doesnt let you say fag and we're on gunz. noobz0rd
by pandaboyx August 23, 2009
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A colossal assault vehicle used by the Power Rangers.

See also Megazord.
The Power Rangers used their Zords to defeat the giant monster.
by Bob November 29, 2003
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Childhood game of fashioning the largest clunkiest legos into crude spacecraft. To play the game, two children slam their "zords" into each other and whoever's breaks first loses.
Lets play Zords!
<15 minutes later, crude spacecraft are constructed from huge lego bricks>
Ow my fingers!!!
by TreeWeezel April 18, 2011
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A word... or half a word... that you add on the end of words... to make them more wordy... and generally more... AWESOME!!! every way...
Youzords, mezordz, everone... zords, lets go to the moonzords!

he shezords...

eggzords! lolzords! spoonzords! zordzords!

hooray for zords!
by Eggzords December 20, 2007
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