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to be thouroughly screwed in any situation or to copulate in an extremely violent manner.
Man, I didn't study for the test. I'm gonna be thunder fucked!

Mrs. Johnson's gonna thunder fuck me!
by BadDewd August 28, 2003
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World of Warcraft Definition:
Verb, "Thunderfuck": To kill an enemy player with falling damage through the use of the Shaman knockback spell: Thunderstorm.

"Thunderstorm": Summons a lightning bolt to strike the ground beneath the shaman, launching all nearby enemies back 30 yards. They also travel VERY fast.
Hah! I thunderfucked that Death Knight off the bridge!
Thunderfucking is especially useful at the Lumber Mill Hill.
Only Shamans may thunderfuck; all other classes cannot compare.
by Anon Shaman November 30, 2009
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To initiate a sexual intercourse when both of you are tired only to realize half an hour later that this totally fruitless excercise was a bad idea and none of you just won't come.
Jan and I were so into it, but as we were so exhausted after skiing, it ended up as a thunderfuck.
by Betka&Jan May 17, 2018
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What you tell Pikachu to do when you really want to get a great Pokemon show.
I got my Pikachu to Thunderfuck Lucario 37 times before it had to go file a lawsuit against the President.
by domesaiyanZ September 25, 2008
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Using a car battery during sex, usually attaching one of the jumper cable ends to the penis and the other end to the vagina or anus, resulting in an electrifying experience.
I've never seen hair stand up like Jill's after she was thunderfucked.
by Jabib March 09, 2008
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the way a sexy girl looks when she wakes up from a night full of riveting sexual experiences.
Antonio:: i banged this hottie last night, yeahhh she was a total thunderfuck, she looked so lucious, i fucked her again before i sent her packin.
by bitcharoni October 07, 2007
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