to be thouroughly screwed in any situation or to copulate in an extremely violent manner.
Man, I didn't study for the test. I'm gonna be thunder fucked!

Mrs. Johnson's gonna thunder fuck me!
by BadDewd August 28, 2003
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The greatest species of weed known to mankind. Grown in a small hick town named Mukwonago. This shit puts you on the floor after one hit.
I just smoked some thunder fucking kush and I cant feel my legs anymore
by The Toking Toker November 25, 2009
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Noun. A Collossal Thunder Fuck is a term that applies to a women of the obese variety engaging in sexual intercourse with a skinny man.
Adjective. Extremely potent Marijuana
"I enjoy the bigger women, I would like to get my skinny ass a Collossal Thunderfuck under my belt before i ship out to Afghanistan"

"This Marijuana smells delectable". "Yeah i know, It's some collossal thunder fuck for sure.
by NSROOP May 16, 2010
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A real fucktard who owes money to his friend but never gives him the money, and goes given gum to little bitches.
Gabe: Where tf my money?
Terrence: I aint got yo money nigga
Gabe: well suck my dick then!
Terrence: I think the fuck not
Gabe: well get my money by sucking other peoples dick, or ill have my kkk Nation come burn you.
Terrence: NO
Gabe: your a real cock juggling thunder fuck you know that?
by MasterSlayer December 05, 2017
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One who is bald and tends to tweak out a lot.
Person 1: My life is terrible
Person 2: shut the fuck up you bald head thunder fuck
by ForTehKenny August 06, 2012
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The S.F.T.C is a the top ranking cunt around who will leave you begging for more, she will tell you how it is, she is also the ring leader and she eats dumb asses for breakfast
Joe: Hey there wanna take a ride?

S.F.T.C : Get a fucking life you dumbass, that line is so lame

Joe: Your a super fucking thunder cunt
by the SFTC April 22, 2010
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