A quick tag, varying complexity, usually two colors.
Shit appeared overnite, who threw that shit up?
by RED December 4, 2002
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A throw up in London is known as a few letters of your tag graffed in dub style, sometimes filled in.
You should of set a throw up instead of a dub.
by joeeoj July 11, 2005
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to throw up a gang sign
throw up the horns
by floyd June 3, 2003
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Toilet: hey, you, girl with eating disorder! Gove me food. *opens girl's stomach. eats toilet food*
by Yelsew Foolface May 13, 2005
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-Snoop Dogg throw's up the west side sign.
-Fat Joe thow's up the BX sign.
by *%@! June 29, 2005
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shows youre the shit narsayeee

ur gangsta , want the smoke, badddass
did u see tyrone? hes throwing up 3s , he’s the shit !
by itsakz March 31, 2022
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