Toilet: hey, you, girl with eating disorder! Gove me food. *opens girl's stomach. eats toilet food*
by Yelsew Foolface May 13, 2005
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-Snoop Dogg throw's up the west side sign.
-Fat Joe thow's up the BX sign.
by *%@! June 29, 2005
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Graffiti that was quickly done and put up with little to no effort. Generally poor quality.
I would do more detailed graffiti but I don't really have time so I think I'll just do a throw up.
by Fogarty Avenue July 05, 2017
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I had a friend who was on meds. She took them everyday, and if she took the wrong one, it could be lethal. So one day, she took the wrong medicine. I noticed and told her. Her eyes went wide and we just looked at each other. I was not daring to move, as I don't know what would happen. She suddenly moaned in pain as she clutched her stomach. I was frozen in place, thinking that she was going to die. She looked at me in the eyes with the last of hope she had in her... but she just puked all over my face. I have never let her forget that day since.
Person 1: I don't feel so good.
Person 2: Are you ok?
Person 1: Barfs all over person 2
Person 2: what
Person 1: I just threw up on you! Get pranked!
Person 2: :(

Person 1: I am going to go throw up on someone else. See you!
Person 2: bye
via giphy
by thepronooboy October 16, 2020
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