1. puke
2. hurl
3. barf
4. ralph
5. blow chunks
6. regurgitate
7. shitting out of your mouth
8. blecch
I think I ate too many tacos. I'm gonna throw up!
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graffiti, generala large a two color bubble letter representation of a graffiti artists name
by myst September 24, 2002
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An bullemic's pasttime
Jessica: Hey Jill, wanna go throw up?
Jill: Where's the toilet?
Jessica: Who needs a toilet?! *throws up on the jill*
by Yelsew Foolface May 12, 2005
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to feel disgust , disappointment or anxiety.

When one is fed up with everything in life. This could pertain to the weather, bfs, gfs, friends, school, work ETC.

To feels anxious, or perhaps bored with life, one should utter this phrase as a method of stress relief. To throw up literally means to rid ones self of toxins in the body, in this metaphorical case, life as a whole!
" did you see the exam question?"
"ya im gonna throw up"

"wow im bored, theres nothing to do tonight"
"im gonna throw up!"

"did you get your essay back?"
"no, im gonna throw up!"

"did you talk to max about how u feel?"
"im gonna throw up"

"this weather is brutal!!"
"wanna throw up together?"

used metaphorically.
by lola1989 March 24, 2011
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A quick tag, varying complexity, usually two colors.
Shit appeared overnite, who threw that shit up?
by RED December 04, 2002
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Commonly refers to the type of graffiti produced in a stylized one line time efficient movement.

A broader definition would be to make up a graffiti piece on the spot without any refrence or beforehand knoledge
by PAkru June 30, 2003
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A throw up in London is known as a few letters of your tag graffed in dub style, sometimes filled in.
You should of set a throw up instead of a dub.
by joeeoj July 11, 2005
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