When someone doesn’t play a game properly purposely. It is mostly used in games such as Overwatch Or Rainbow Six Siege.
by Mercymain4life October 07, 2017
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Deliberately lose a game, cause your team to lose.
EG were leading 5 - 0, then they threw the game.
EG is leading 5 - 0, EG Throw possible.
by SchizzaR June 09, 2013
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To contribute money for a specific purpose or for the good of the group. Informal

The phrase may derive from the act of passing around a hat, into which contributors would "throw in" some money.
"Another six-pack of Hamm's? I'll throw in for that!"

Not: "There's orphans starving in Haiti? I'll throw in for that!" Situation too formal or grave.
by Pahoehoe October 25, 2012
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1.be in state that is not sober
2.another word for cool, tight,or any other word like that.
Man them twankies twos looke throwed on that Burban.
3.another word meaning fucked up, not good, etc.
Man them high waters look throwed with those J's
by km January 27, 2003
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add something for free,
include something, typically at no extra cost, with something that is being sold or offered.
"they cut the price by $100 and throw in an AC adaptor"
by navyphan August 07, 2018
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