a dance performed in the club involving a man and a woman grinding, where the woman is in front and bends over to touch her hand to the floor, thus maintaining three points of her body on the floor. extremely erotic and exciting.
Dude, did you see that chick three point Gabe? I'm so jealous!!
by danceexpert314 August 25, 2010
three point is a word made up by omar mohammad while he was living in tracy = )

three point is a nick name or another word for tracy
for the fact that tracy is formed into a triangle from its surrounding interstates and tracy is mostly refferd to as the triangle city..
but for some reason tracys filled with skwares
idk its confusing btw
breh imma bout to scrape in this stolo and hit the three point to see whats good with the functions even tho they get shut down hella early..
by person who made it up July 9, 2009
mexican mafia,sur 13,south side 13,vatos lokos, any southern california hispanic gang associated with the mexican mafia.
"Hey ese, that vato has the three point on his right hand, that vato must be with the eme."
by lil puppet 313 September 23, 2007
Large sunglasses that cover so much of a girls face that mediocre girls look hot making a 5 look like an 8.
Guy 1: Dude, check out that honey with the shades
Guy 2: Her? I know her, she's kinda busted. It's hard to tell with those three point glasses
by Harry Moe Lester December 13, 2013
An extremely short, form-fitting low-cut dress that accentuates a woman's tits, legs and ass.
You know Susan, that "quiet" woman from Accounting? I saw here out clubbing Friday night, and she was wearing an ultra-slutty three-point dress. Fuck, was a great body!
by Classy Trashy October 16, 2017
a gathering for an intense game of driveway basketball. One crucial element of three point thursday is the date the game is played. Also can be called tree point chursday. If it is not played on thursday, its not three point thursday. Common alternatives include free throw friday, or streetball saturday. If you are too good, you arent playing.
I absolutely destroyed K-smoov yesterday in three point thursday

Thats basketball. No rules on Three point thursday
by thas-basketball May 29, 2009
A Three Point Piss happens when a guy is sitting down to take a dump and realizes he's gotta take a leak. Depending on the placement of his wang and the available space between the toilet seat and the toilet itself, sometimes a direct spray will split the uprights between the seat and the toilet- spraying piss all over your pants.
Dude, I gotta go home and change. There's too much space in between the toilet seat and the toilet and I three point pissed all over my khakis.
by Johnson Wangson April 16, 2009