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An organized crime syndicate started in a prison called Duel Vocational institute or DVI. The Group was formed to protect Mexican inmates in the prison system. Respect is gained by brutal killings of those who oppose them as well as commiters of taboo crimes such as molestation and rape. Members may enter by a vote of 3, or by killing an inside member. Many Mafia Overlords originally come from San Diego, Los Angelas, San Ontario, and the Inland Empire.
The groups number one ally is the Italian Mafia. Both groups share identical symbols of a black hand palm print, which is recognizable all over the world. The group also has a working relationship with the Aryan Brotherhood. And many other groups...
The groups number one enemy is the Nuestra Familia or the Nortenos otherwise known as NX4. They both have a shoot on sight relationship with one another. Another rival of the Mexican Mafia is the Black guerilla family leader of the Crips and Bloods, who mimic Nortenos and Surenos with blue and red gang colors.

Mexican Mafia Symbols include:
The Black Hand
Aztec Sun God
Aztec Death God (for high ranking members only)
The Mexican Mafias second branch is known as the Surenos or the South Siders who use the symbol 13 the most. The lowest "sponsored" branch is called MS13 or Marasalvatrucha 13.

There are former members who often speak about their experiences and encourage young people to do better in life.

Once you leave this prison don't ever come back. You hear me. Do something with your life, be somebody. I'll never see my family again, not my children, not anybody. Just these bars. All I have in here is the Mexican Mafia and I don't know how long i'll last. I swear if I could start over...well, it doesnt matter now. I cant start over.
by Aztec Heaven November 09, 2006
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Group in Mexico or southern california. Made up of chicanos or people from prison. A gang that is bigger then the KKK or any amount of bloods and crips. You can tell who a member of the mexican mafia is if they have a tattoo that says 100% Chicano.
Juan: que onda guay, whacha claiming
Angel: Mexican Mafia puto, whats the problem
by 100% CHICANO October 04, 2005
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True mexicans that hate wonder breads and are proud of their heritage and their culture and color for all those haters
Mexicanmafia and chicanos
by SAD CHOLITA TRU BLU July 17, 2006
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A group located in Central Mexico; "takes care of" certain individuals, by choice method of rolling the victim in a huge tortilla and eating as a burrito.
AI: Woah dude you suck
ND: Shut up, I'm gonna get the Mexican Mafia on you, they're gonna roll you up in a huge burrito and eat you.
AI: ...
by A pig in a cage on antibiotics December 15, 2004
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