Thowing is when you are truly dumb and can't spell Throwing.
Eg: Mas sucks so bad the is thowing!
by Senpaiwillnoticemenow? June 19, 2019
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1. Godamn, that movie was so thowed.
2. Mayn, i really need to get thowed rite now
by bushi September 11, 2003
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state of being overly drunk, high, or both, to the point where one experiences a blackout
"I done had 10 shots, drank 8 brews, and smoked two L's. I'm thowed dude."
by Willy B January 2, 2005
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Southern slang evolved from
"throwed" purposely omitting
"r" sound, mainly
a.) to get crunk and/or high/drunk
b.) something that is tight, cool or badass
c.) to fight or fuck someone up
d.) to physically throw
a.) "We got so thowed with that bitch off dat 8ball you know we had to run train"
b.) "Damn son that purple haze X northern lights 7 is some thowed ass weed, I'm thowed"
c.) "We gon thow down wit dem bitch niggaz and see whats good when we thow they asses in the gutter"
d.) "I don't give a fuck nigga I thow my sets up in any hood"
by Dmob September 19, 2006
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"Man, I'm thinking thowed"
by 3rd coast January 8, 2005
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an adjective that describes when something is really really nice or great; can refer to clothes, shoes, television, sports, almost anything
"Did you see the new Jordans? They thowed"
by Laidee May 30, 2007
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