L's is when someone loses or something bad happens to them
Austin took an L when his car got egged

Tanner takes many L's
by The Wink December 14, 2015
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2 or more blunts (of weed) rolled together form an L. L for Long.
"Those were some crazy L's!"
"Did you guys blaze that L?"
by Adam F January 11, 2006
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Your Drivers License. More commonly used in the Bay Area.
"I see you Driving breh, when you get your L's"
by MidastheMenace July 11, 2014
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L's is commonly used by Chicago Drill rapper Lil Durk. Standing for Live,Laugh,Life,Love
"L's up for dem haters"- Meaning they can't be faded by others cause they always have this.
by Brains Rotten August 31, 2014
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Something you have to take in order to get W's
Sometimes, no matter how skilled you are, you have to take L's
by TheWarHorse100 August 23, 2019
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When somebody's in love or really likes you
love like inlove Boy I got you on l's
by Fatty12 November 10, 2013
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