a word derived from Henderson, Nevada meaning intoxicating substances
"Whatup with the tody?"
"I'm broke nigga i aint had no tody in days"
by dude.......... August 19, 2008
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when a guy is atracted to another guy and is a whimp you are a tody
by Anonymous March 4, 2003
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A tasty Pizzaria in upstate NY, And the future final resting spot of the one and only chosen GUNT.
by Tim Todi September 29, 2003
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a person, a banana and Jean Hipolito
Guy 1: You Todie!
Guy 2: What?
Guy 1: Todie!
Guy 2: Faget.
by Mynigga2025 January 16, 2014
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Tody; noun. "The new Jesus Christ" synonyms 'daddy' or 'papi’
oh yes, Tody
by not_heather.c November 22, 2017
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passes gas excessively ... love to party and have fun....very crazy to be around ...big boobs and round butt
did you see the boobs and butt she must be a todi!
by happy lil one May 28, 2011
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