A thing that is not required yet is purchased in great amounts anyways.
ie. a novelty
by Materialistric Oppressor September 16, 2003
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\"you need a thneed\" is simply a marketing statement by the character in the book. A thneed is not REALLY needed, but is nonetheless purchased in great quantities and manufactured in great quantities to the detriment of the environment.
by glenn4s September 25, 2003
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A Snuggie or otherwise utterly useless piece of consumer garbage.
Everyone needs a thneed
by Peter Benichie April 7, 2010
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An item, according to Dr Suess, which is most definately required.
You need a thneed.
by Raphael January 16, 2003
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Something all people need. Can be 1000 different things. Also kills trees. Mr lorax disapproves.
Dan: EVERYBODY NEEDS A thneed, a fine thing that all people need.
by That kiddo you know July 31, 2017
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