The greatest children's book ever written. It still sends shivers down my spine every time I finish it. It tells the story of how big buisness will destroy the world (in an environmental sense). The lorax himself is a character in the story. Describe him? That's hard. I don't know if I can. He is smallish, and oldish, and brownish, and mossy. He speaks with a voice that is sharpish and bossy. He is the protector of nature and is the foil to the Onceler's (the narrator) callous buisness attitude, which looks at things one dimensionally, with buisness his only concern. His buisness grows inversely with the quality of nature, which eventually drives out all the native species. Eventually his buisness, which relies on nature (which the Onceler doesn't realize) completely shuts down as his resources are eliminated. This bitter irony conveys how selfishness leads to nothing.
"I am the Lorax, I speak for the trees.
I speak for the trees, for the trees have no tongues"
by I'll eat your children! August 12, 2005
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The only good Zac Efron movie.
Also a popular meme for some reason.
man 1:"ey man! have u seen the lorax?"

man 2:"jesus thats the only good zac efron movie"
by O'Hare Air January 02, 2017
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He speaks for the trees.
i aM tHe lOraX anD i SpeaK fOr thE tR33s.
by Graypish. December 10, 2018
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A little shithead that can so called "TALK TO TREES".
The Lorax said ill fuck you to the tree.
by BoB586 June 29, 2015
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Based off the the Dr. Suess character that 'speaks for the trees.'

A lorax is also a term that can be used to describe an ambassador or pretty much anyone who decides they're going to speak on the behalf of others as if they know what everyone is thinking.
"What do you mean 'we?' You're not our Lorax!"
by Donutsalad October 17, 2014
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The lorax is an orange little shit who speaks about trees which are basically kitten fur and has a weird obsession with bears and marshmallows. If you ever come across him don't axe down any trees or you'll suffer a great curse. 'YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED, YOUNG PADAWAN'
I am the lorax and i speak for the weeds
by loraxlover123 May 09, 2018
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