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a thot over the age of 30.
"damn rashad, is that your mom grinding on professor greenleaf?" "shit, she's a thirt"
by trick zaddy June 26, 2017
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a slang term for big 30, especially used by ian kim's
"yo thirt ball's new album is fire" -ian kim
by kevuhh May 2, 2022
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1. A good deal on herb, two grams for thirty dollars. 2. Ethiopian slang for an ancient herb related haggle in which a poor man barters to get two grams for thirty pence.
A: "Hey man, I was wondering if I could get some herb, my back is killing me!"
B: "Sure man, 20 for a gram, or 55 for an eigth."
A: "Two For Thirt?"
B: *Hangs Up*
by Arick Armendariz December 21, 2006
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