To be so insanely tough and merciless. Your average street tough might be hard. But Arnold Schwarzenegger as John Matrix in his 80's hit "Commando", and John Rambo played by Sylvester Stallone are examples of "Hard as Fuck"
Col. John Matrix kills 200 people with an enormous machine gun with his pecs bouncing with recoil. He is hard as fuck.
by Nickerz November 21, 2005
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super bad ass that does and says what he wants. Most notably expressed by Bobby Z. from a little town in the great north.
I'am hard as fuck!
Wow that guy is hard as fuck!
by John Jones Walkerson January 31, 2008
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That was hard as fuck
by rikers February 25, 2009
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to be at the limit of erect, so so so hard, can only come from man on man sex
last night after church i was hjard as fuck and so rammed into johnnyso that it was painful, god i was so super right on hard as fuck
by fb December 31, 2005
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"Lauren stayed up 15 minutes past her bed time, she is hard as fuck!"
by boof dawg December 13, 2014
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To be mentally strong. Nothing will phase someone who is hard as fuck, not death, hard times in the hood or someones words.
Examples of the word Hard as fuck is best shown by scarface, Mike tyson, Tupac, Pablo Escobar and the entire Dumas family. Nothin stops em no ones got shit on em. Complete Bosses.
by KillaCody December 26, 2011
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No Fear, No Remorse, No Regret and take no shit
Like in Dawn Of The Dead.Trapped on a bus surrounded by fucking zombies with nothing but a single bullet and a propane tank. You shoot the tank and blow yourself and all those fuckers straight to hell. Thats Hard As Fuck!
by Dr Jerksacockov March 11, 2009
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