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A place where engineers and corporate busy bodies run around trying to meet deadlines that never lead to anything more than a lot of tasking that get passed to those in the basement only to be round filed later.
What happened to that report you did last week?

I sent it to the Third Floor, never to be heard from again.
by Sherardo June 15, 2005
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Used to describe someone weighing in surplus of three-hundred pounds
Q: How much do you suppose tank weighs?

A: He's on the Third Floor
by Greakan October 13, 2008
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Simply put, the floor the goes unsearched. Any Salty Jake knows that there are never victims on the 3rd floor of a house fire. Residents know to leave a building, especially the 3rd floor if it is the fire floor, so a Salty Jake knows not to waste his time searching more than 2 floors.
A kid almost died on the third floor.
by eggplantsucks June 11, 2018
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