“Omg, did you see Bethi last night?”

Yea, she built like a whole thicky nicky.”
by DJ (the bffs) December 14, 2019
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thicky nicky is a photo shopped bum
thicky nicky whatttt
by nicky nicky queen October 24, 2018
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A nickname for a woman described as thick (curvy)
Kevin: Did you see Evelyn last night?
Anderson: Yeah, she's such a thicky nicky.
by qlossy April 2, 2018
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Thickie Nicky (sometimes Thicky Nicky) is a term used to describe a Thick person, even used as a joking term to call friends.

Thicky Nicky is the most powerful insult of all time.

Yes, more powerful than Your family tree lgbt
Example in sentence:

Boi: Yo wassup
John: Bruh get outta here with your Thickie Nicky lookin’ self
World: Explodes into a sextillion tiny pieces and catches on fire
by ThickieBoi223 June 21, 2018
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A person called Nicholas who has a big booty.
Yo Nicky is looking thicky today
Nicholas is a Thicky Nicky
by Fradfgingchallerenisinf February 3, 2020
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A thick beautiful girl with amazing exuses
Jessica-Thicky Nicky coming though

Jake- Go ahead
by Hogwarts February 11, 2019
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If your a guy named Nick and your have a dump truck. Your now called Nicky Thicky
OMG look at Nicky Thicky!
by ThatGuyWompo August 8, 2021
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