The single worst insult of all time which trumps "ur granmlny tranny", "ur granpap a trap" , etc. Rather than targeting a single family member it destroys your entire lineage and instantly teleports all dead relatives to hell
Frank: "ur mom gay lol"
Dan: "don't make me do it"
Frank: "ur granny a tr-"
Dan: "your family tree lgbt"
*The planets align and every known star lends a fraction of its energy to create a spirit bomb in order to instantly obliterate frank* *the bowser counter in the middle of the board also counts down by one
by Childish gambini March 18, 2018
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The 4th and final level of the ‘your mom gay’ insult. This triumphs over any other insult such as ‘your dad lesbian’ or ‘your grandpap a trap’. Once these words have been said half the Earth crumbles, the recipient instantly dissolves, and any person past, present and future related to the recipient are eaten first-hand by Satan himself. This insult defies time and exisntce, and tears a hole through all we know as reality.
Jesse: Your mom gay lol
Jason: (takes it to the next level) Your grandpap a trap
Jesse: (on his knees, uses his trump card) Your Family Tree LGBT
Jason: *the world is crushed flat and everything and anything that has ever existed are erased from existence
by Professor ALilBo March 21, 2018
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A superhuman roast, responding to the whole chain of "Your Mom Gay", "Your Dad Lesbian", etc. Be careful with this roast, as it can hurt the victim used upon to the point of death.
"Your mom gay"
"You're dad Lesbian lol"
"Your family tree LGBT"

*Victim brings hands to head, tries to comfort the searing brain pain, but dies violently.*
by Swagrosoft April 14, 2018
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the insult to end all insults, it destroys the targets entire family, all at once. use with caution, as it is extremely powerful. the entire targets family is now officially ruined.
frank: you mom large gay
bob: your family tree lgbt
frank: nothing happens because reality is ripped to shreds due to the extreme power of the roast.
by sensei danku March 29, 2018
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Quite possibly the most effective roast there is... Probably even bigger than your mom gay, your dad lesbian, your granny tranny, or your grandpap a trap
Me: ur mom gay
Friend: no u
Me: your family tree LGBT
Friend: *fucking dies*
by VolTixDoesTingZ May 10, 2018
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More powerful than "Your grandpap a trap", "Your granny a tranny" and "Your mom gay". It will instantly kill all of your enemies within a 70 metre radius. It cannot be countered.
Jeff: Your mom gay
Joe: Your Dad Lesbian

Jeff: Your Family tree LGBT
Joe: *Combusts spontaneously*
by Ayolisus March 26, 2018
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Worse than Ur Mom Gay, Ur Dad Lesbian, Ur Granny Tranny, and Ur Grandfather Asexual. If you say this word, you will immediately become a virgin and your left lung will explode. Anyone around you will instantly die and burst into flames. Anyone in a 100-mile radius will feel the effects of Chernobyl and ultimately get their penis chopped off. Anyone outside of THAT will become gay.
Tim: Ur Mom gay

Joe: Ur dad Lesbian
Tim: Ur Granny Tranny
Joe: Ur Grandfather Asexual
Tim: Your whole family tree lgbt
Joe: *Instantly dies and burns*
Random Person: WHERES MY PENIS
by Step in the shower April 11, 2018
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