can be many acronyms such as creative car creator, and more shenanigans.
ccc can not be made into a proper sentence.
by pancake king June 9, 2020
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Often referred to as:
Triple C
Poorman's X

What it is:
Coricidin HBP Cough & Cold

Whats it for?
It has large amounts of DXM(dextromethorphan); sometimes referred to as "dex"

Many of these are ingested for DXM's reputation of being a psychedelic drug.

Make's you trip out
Ey dude wanna pop some CCC to trip?
by Cfer November 16, 2004
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Am acronym to describe the Todoroki's (from the anime My Hero Academia) dick. He is half ice and half fire so in the center they meet making his dick into a Candy Cane Cock.
Midoria wants some of Todoroki's ccc.
by CCC creator April 22, 2020
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CakeCakeCake. used online randomly.
some may also say that the cake is a lie.
"CakeCakeCake! CCC!" "the cake is a lie.."
by BoneyM March 19, 2009
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Chicks Can't Code
That girl should not be at that computer. CCC!!!
by Dong Won March 5, 2009
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Blood: Yo homie, where you headin after highschool?
Crypt: CCC in da house fo shizzle ma nizzle!
by cccgraduate May 26, 2008
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In the slang CCC means Cool Calm and Collected.
I keep it 300 ( CCC, 300 in Roman numerals ), like the Romans
by Mezelluf March 25, 2014
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