An internet thot (see egirl) who gained “clout” from meme pages and thirsty bois by doing ahegao faces that make her look like shes having intense seizures.
Guy 1: I keep seeing this thot all over 4chan & my explore page on instagram
Guy 2: Is it Belle Delphine? Yeah man, thats pretty expected with all the white knights that are obsessed with her.
by Dontgetyourpantiesinatwist October 13, 2018
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(ps don't watch I'm back on yt my eyes still hurt) trust me belle delphine is not okay and it just proves in that video
by Squeaksalot July 21, 2020
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bro 1: I just bought belle Delphine’s bath water

Bro 2: don’t drink it or you’ll be poisoned
by Nico Nico ni~ July 10, 2019
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An Instagram and Tik-Tok "model" who sells overpriced lewds and whose entire "career" is based on making meme seizure faces (see: ahagao). Recently started selling "gamer girl bathwater" which she claims is water from her baths. Thirsty teenage boys rush to her aid whenever she comes under fire due to them thinking she'll notice em (see: white knights). Also recently trolled her fanbase by uploading SFW content to Pornhub upon saying she'll make an account if she hits 1 million likes on her Instagram. That post hit 2 million. As of today, June 20th 2019, her Instagram account is unavailable due to mass reporting for sexual content, primarily due to a "Reddit call to arms" in which Redditors were upset about the Pornhub situation.
Belle Delphine is just another product of shitty social media meme culture.
by MonasThighs July 20, 2019
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1. Useless thot

2. Person who wastes lots of eggs
3. That one person from the bathwater meme
"Have you heard of Belle Delphine?" "Yea, I put a picture of her on my dartboard yesterday!"
by SubToCrabbyLobsterOnYouTube October 2, 2019
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An e-girl who makes simps cum in their pants and she probably has herpes and AIDS.
Damn, Timmy is such a simp. I caught him watching Belle Delphine with Cheeto dust on his hand
by NickFromLaffayette April 7, 2020
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