Stage 2 represents the second of the three set stage of bowel movements caused by IBS or Irritable Bowel Syndrome, which is commonly caused by stress. This usually occurs during the stressful process that initiated the IBS. Stage 2 usually consists of constipation and cramping.
I've had Stage 2 for so long now that my stomach feels like a watermelon.
by Dr. I.B. Essing February 22, 2012
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(READ "PAVLE WALK" TO UNDERSTAND) The Pavle Walk Stage 2 is when on the Pavle walk and cannot find a child so you enter there home and take their kid while there sleeping. After Taking there kid you leave a note behind saying "YOU HAVE BEEN PAVLED." And leave the house with their child (Typically a boy).
Person 1: Hey i'm on the Pavle walk and cant find any little boys
Person 2: That's okay! Just do the Pavle walk stage 2!
Person 1: That's a great idea why didn't I think of that!
by John Wock September 9, 2022
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