when some one is well endowed, either having a large chest or a huge but.

generally used by people from the south, this term is a positive to who ever they are referring too.
man did you see girl over there she got them thangs
by wizardzack July 26, 2015
Money. Usually used in reference to accruing a life-changing influx of money due to a large bonus, an inheritance, a business, a legal settlement, or maybe even the lottery.
After starting my business I made twenty thousand of them thangs in the first month.
by Jwayans April 11, 2020
Any set of wheels that are 20” or bigger is no longer referred to as a set of wheel but is now referred to as “them thangs
Terry had just when and out some 6’s on his tahoe, man his whip looks good riding on them thangs
by Themthangs March 19, 2021
When you are pulling up on someone and you are gonna beat their bitch ass.
When I pull up on this boy at this party I'm bout to chunk them thangs.
by Cap'nLongPeg March 20, 2021
last night i was so off them thangs i brushed AND flossed my cat's teeth
by misterhappymeal December 9, 2020