a fucking bitch who hates me with a burning passion for no reason what so ever !!!
my cat is a bitch
by Calista h May 31, 2021
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An ungrateful being that has a foot fetish.
(Insert interresting name):"Uhm..Why is your cat licking your feet?..."
My cat:"Meow *sLuRp*"
by woofwofbarkbark September 6, 2021
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Slang for girlfriend, usually a secret girlfriend. Cat relates to a female girlfriend due to her anatomy, a pussy ... my pussy cat, They drop the pussy, and it becomes just "my CAT", or cat.

When I go home on leave, I don't know which to go see first my wife or "my cat."

The person is trying to keep his girlfriend secret by talking about her in code, in case someone else hears them. He can plausibly deny that he was talking about a kitty cat, not his secret girlfriend that he has on the side or down low.
by NewVision July 11, 2008
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A phrase used by gamers when they want to not play or avoid getting owned in a game.
1. Can we remake? My cat is on fire.

Person A: Why did he leave?
Person B: His cat is on fire.
by Mcspazatron February 13, 2012
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Grooming your pubic hair; commonly referring to a woman’s pubic hair.
I gotta go brush my cat for my date later tonight. If you know what I mean.”
by Persefor. DickBaiter July 27, 2019
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Get da pussy wet.
"Hayden, I'm going to need you to water my cat tomorrow." Said Riley
by Heho07 February 28, 2016
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to eat a girl out; suck her pussy
slob on my cat cuz u kno its fat
by DulCe SeDucCion February 17, 2005
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