When you are turned on just enough for it to be hot but not enough to get hard.
"The way Miley Cirus rides that wrecking ball gives me the tingles"

-Nobody Ever
by sssssssssssssssssssssssssssssa December 4, 2016
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the feeling you get when your making out with someone, and being to shy to make another move.
-"dude, did you you hit that last night or what?!" - " uh, no man, i got the tingles and bailed"
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You or someone is horny; slight tickle in crotch.
* Oh my, I'm tingling.
by FamousLep April 12, 2016
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The little spasm a women gets in her heart and/or spinal chord when a man says something that turns her on very much. Invented in Montreal, Canada.
Man: "I want to fuck you so hard and so good you won't be able to hear my name without getting wet."
Woman: "Oh... I just got a tingle."
by imms.34D&howudoin June 30, 2012
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A kind of "itch" a woman feels when she can't seem to orgasm.
"How far does a girl have to go to untangle her tingle?" - Tagline from Deep Throat.
by Justine S May 7, 2008
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The feeling inside when something really powerful happens on stage. First used by Torryn Armstrong.
Wow your monolouge gave me tingles!!!!
by Moggy Smith December 11, 2007
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An eccentric man from The Legend of Zelda videogame series. He is delusional forty-something man, convinced that he's a fairy. A spin-off game has been created in his honor which focuses on his other obsession, money. He is considered the most closeted homosexual in videogame history.

The term may be used to describe a homosexual gamer, or one with strange ambitions.
Tingle: "Tingle, Tingle, Kooloo-Limpah!"
Link: o.o
by pilaman November 2, 2006
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