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The act of putting on lipstick suggestively;
The oral equivalent of a striptease.
Diane was giving me a liptease from across the room, so I went over and asked her out.
by pilaman May 24, 2007

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1. Colloquial Portuguese word meaning "Gay", derived from (see below)
2. Portuguese word meaning "One who sells pots and pans"
1. Com esse par de capris, ele pareçe mesmo como paneleiro
(With those pair of capris, he really looks gay)
2. Eu vi um paneleiro hoje na feira
(There was a man selling pots and pans at the market today)
by Pilaman August 30, 2006

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An eccentric man from The Legend of Zelda videogame series. He is delusional forty-something man, convinced that he's a fairy. A spin-off game has been created in his honor which focuses on his other obsession, money. He is considered the most closeted homosexual in videogame history.

The term may be used to describe a homosexual gamer, or one with strange ambitions.
Tingle: "Tingle, Tingle, Kooloo-Limpah!"
Link: o.o
by pilaman November 02, 2006

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A small town in Middlesex County, New Jersey with an estimated population of 15,322.
Similarly to its surrounding central Jersey towns, South River boasts a diverse population, mostly white, with two large Eastern European and Portuguese minorities.
The small 2.9 mi² town has also become home to a number of illegal immigrant homes, mainly Brazilian, attracted by the infamously large Portuguese population.
The median income for a household in the town is ~$52,324.
The town is frequently described by its residents as a New Jersey small town stereotype, whose residents wish nothing more than to move out.
1. Pete H. and Aaron Daley are two slackers from South River

2. "I just bought name tags for my newest construction workers: José and Ronaldinho.
by pilaman November 01, 2006

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