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a variation of the infamous shocker or spocker techniques that takes finger banging to a whole new level. Instead of the "two, one" combo found in the shocker, the shredder is the crossing of the index and middle finger and the crossing of the ring and pinky finger. If done right, this technique will shred any girl brave enough to try.
hey trev, did you bang that girl last night?

no man, she wasnt having it so i gave her the shredder instead. I shredded her all night!
by Shank Diesel September 27, 2007
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When you get a glass full with hot sause up your partners ass, break it, and the proceed to anally fuck them.
I wanna do the shredder on my mom
by Mdjdjdndnsksm February 07, 2019
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The shedder is in fact the strongest human on this earth, the shredder has an amazing 6 pack the shredder is a pro hurler and can sail the 7 seas when she feels like it, the shredder can be seen in a gym 24/7. Shredding. The shredders catchphrase is “sorry I was to busy shredding” if u want to see the shredder in person she will be preforming as one of the scary ppl at nightmare realm as the shredder can scare anybody. The shredder likes to prank ppl altough she still has yet to successfully prank the what’s


The shredder!: sorry didn’t see you there I was to busy SHREDDING
by WATTS THE WAT November 08, 2018
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