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One who listens to thrash metal. Basically a headbanger. Most like to drink and get rowdy. Usual pick up line is "hey baby, you into speed metal?"
Those thrashers at the bar tonight were getting too damn rowdy.
by shitface December 01, 2003
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Someone who kicks ass at metal guitar.
Dimebag Darrell is a true shredder
by shitface December 01, 2003
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Just like Personification but instead of person its a situation.
The Situification of devastating would be the situation of the moon colliding with the earth or something equally devastating.
by ShitFace April 29, 2006
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butram bakwards is martub. One who rams the butt. One who is gay. You can also shorten it to "tubber"
That guy is a tubber
by shitface December 01, 2003
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Coolest, most taint-raping journal ever. Brought to you by Ken and Kill
Big fan: Ken and Kill rock my taint off
by Shitface September 27, 2004
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a man on heat. pretty straight forward
boy, marks got real bad manheat today.
by ShitFace May 18, 2004
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What the Dell?
What the Dell is that fucking guy doing?
by shitface April 13, 2003
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