When you shit out cum from anal the night before.
I was so embarrassed when I shizzed. It sounded like a wet fart.
by GetShizzedOn April 11, 2020
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The act of shitting & ejaculating at the same time.
When Jack goes to the washroom and just needs to poop, you can always guarantee he will be shizzing.
by The Gillz January 3, 2019
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a. replaces shit in all contexts
b. the coolest
can be used either positively or negatively
a. balls on that shizz, let's bounce
b. beth, you are the shizz
by StefNE2983 May 13, 2003
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Replaces either shit or stuff in all context.
Let's go to the shop, we can buy sweets and shizz!

Don't do that, you scared the shizz out of me!
by Mother-sensei July 9, 2012
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another way to say 'shit' as in 'stuff', not actual poop.
by SoStarstruckk July 19, 2009
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The combination of shitting and pissing out of your anus. Often occurs after mexican food and/or a night of heavy drinking
I ate so many damn tacos and drank so much corona last night, that everybody in the office today heard me shizzing on the toilet
by Fat Bastard August 7, 2002
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