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when you're doing a chick doggystyle and you stick your finger in her ass and paint camoflage stripes on her face.
If she wants to play hide and go seek, give her the rambo.
by Woody & Broce March 31, 2008
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The β€œRambo”-after a night of indulgence and you have successfully hunted and trapped a feline, it appears that a drunken escapade will be taking place. You swindle your catch into coming back to your sexual layer and begin to start unclothing and ravaging your catch. Instead of taking her panties off in a normal fashion, you tear them off her nubile body with wreckless abandon and tie them around your forehead in the honor of John Rambo. Now, chances are you will catch them completely offguard but a gentle, β€œshhhh, just let nature take its course” will settle them right down. Under no circumstances are you allowed to remove your honorary band during your session.
"The Rambo" - take home a girl, ravage and tear her panties off and tie them around your forehead during your sexual/drunken escapade.
by Beacon Hill Bandits January 30, 2009
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The act of a person relieving them self in one's vagina. Usually between a man and a woman, and usually #2.
Ricky went over to his girlfriend's house last night. They had a little too much to drink and decided to try something new. Ricky suggested doing "The Rambo".
by Mikeyman111 July 04, 2007
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