Hmm. I can't find any cultural events for us to attend tonight. I guess we'll just have to watch the idiot box.
by Bungalow Bill January 30, 2002
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The television, and in all it's glory of propaganda and dumbing a society down. It is the ultimate weapon of mass distraction and can make anyone and any person hate anybody.

The term is often used by people that can see that the TV makes others stupid who believe anything and everything they see on TV as a fact even if it's fiction.

Term is also used to define people who waste their time all day flipping channels and watching junk instead of doing something useful with their lives.
A good case of the Idiot Box is this; in the 70's many people wrote letters to the Navy and Coastguard telling them to go rescue Gilligan and the others off their island.

Once upon a time there was people who went to the Beverly Hills with their only goal to knock on the door of the mansion used in the Beverly Hillbillies show and ask for Jeb or Granny. No wonder the owners got tired of it and sold the house!
by The GMan March 24, 2013
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A black, cubical, electronic "box". One side of this cube is however, bot black, but a clear "screen". When this electronic box is activated or "turned on", it flashes towards the "viewer" various images and sounds. These images and sounds are usually either fabricated in a "studio" or coming "live" from a very different place than the viewer is sitting on the couch and watching/hearing them.

Critical Thought sold separately.
Damn, New Years Eve fucking sucked. I sat in my apartment all alone and watched the idiot box until passing out at 2AM.
by Forever Remain April 29, 2008
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When you get drunk and start exchanging body blows with the boys for fun.
“Yo, why does my chest hurt so damn bad?”

“Because you were fucking IDIOT BOXING with the neighbor last night”
by SativaCyborg October 03, 2019
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A term developed by people who would have been horified if they'd known that the television would become relatively tame compared to all the other shitty electronic boxes developed since.
Joe, I'm tellin' ya, throw out that damned idiot box before the Missus and ya Chillun waste away before it. It'll be the end of the world it will.

Bloody hell they took it far enough with those damned idiot boxes, look at all these little toys they got out now for the kids, what's the world coming to eh?
by bluecheer=rockgods June 21, 2010
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1)...a television, which rots your brain

2)...a completely stupid person who does not deserve to even be alive, and should be killed immediately

3) x-box
1)That fat lazy whore just sits on her fat ass and watches the fukin idiot box all day.

2)I can't believe Blap is such an idiot box, he put his shoes on the wrong feet, go kick him in the fukin balls right now for being so stupid.

3)Quit playing that idiot box, and let's get the fuk out of this house, you damn game nerd.
by Blip Rogers June 11, 2008
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The box on an envelope that shows where you are supposed to put the stamp.
Neil, Kevin, and David all use the idiot box when they send me a letter. Pssh! What idiots!
by Wheaties_007 October 25, 2008
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