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Possibly the best band ever. Sings crazy songs with great political messages. Used to be fronted by Jello Biafra.
The Dead Kennedy's have songs like: "I Kill Children, Dear Abby, California Uber Allies, Anarchy For Sale, and I Fought the Law (And I Won)"
by Rudeboys Love Rudegirls August 28, 2006
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one of the best punk bands and possibly the best hardcore punk band of all time. Jello Biafra (first singer) had the quintessential punk rock voice. their songs mainly took aim at polotics. while there titles seemed vicious and evil (like 'kill the poor') they are usually metephorical for the issues that occurred around the time. they never sold out and they stayed true to their underground fanbase. they reformed in 2001 with a new singer, but have yet to leave their underground success behind them. a great band!
listen to 'holiday in cambodia' and you'll understand! ;) the dead kennedy's rock too hard!
by senoir toothbrush December 27, 2011
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