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To sing without moving your mouth or holding your mic.
"It was acid reflux!"
by SgtSalad November 22, 2004

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Take a look at the left side of politics.

Now look at the right side.

Now picture four angry punks right in the middle, flipping off both parties.
That's the Dead Kennedys in a nutshell.
by SgtSalad October 05, 2005

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A pretty good example of a sellout. Gwen, the lead singer of the formerly skankin' No Doubt, decided that ska was just a fad and began cranking out horrible pop songs for MTV2 to repeat 100 times daily. Any talent that she showed off with No Doubt is completly missing here, seeing as how all she can sing about is how much her fecal matter resembles bannas. Not to mention her borderline creepy fascination with Japenese Harajuku girls.
What happened to you Gwen Stefani? Couldn't afford to fill your pool with champagne?
by SgtSalad October 01, 2005

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A fantastic ska-pop band from southern California. Great music to dance to and just makes you happy when you hear it. Usualy has cynical lyrics with upbeat melodies that add up into a near-perfect combo.
I sure do love all of Reel Big Fish's work, including "Cheer Up!"
by SgtSalad October 01, 2005

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During an argument, one can use Your Mom! to turn the tide in his/her favor. Used only when you know that you can't possibly win the fight with an actual reply. Also note that your oppenent can cancel Your Mom by repeating it after you.
Todd:...And that's why I'm right, Chris.
Chris: Yeah...but...your mom! Oh! It's on!
Todd: Oh yeah? Your mom too! Burn!
Chris: What? No, you can't do that! NOOOO!
by SgtSalad November 06, 2005

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