Post masturbation smell from the crochal region.
Girls can smell when you've been masturbating when you sit near them especially with strong dick vapor
by Unloaded Words December 15, 2012
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Another go to nic spot for OU tards. This place is HELLA slept on because not enough people know about it even though it is BY FAR the BEST nic spot in Norman. The inside of this place looks clean af, as soon as you walk in, you'll see a big ass fish tank (which apparently happens to be a common theme among nic spots in Norman) and you'll see a lounge area with a straight up vape bar. This place is definitely the spot and also happens to have the best prices in town.
I went to Velocity Vapor the other night and I thought I was gonna be in and out of that hoe but I was surprisingly the only there so the owner invited me to play pool with him at the pool table so I spent over an hour there just playing pool and blowing PHAT clouds.
by TurnM3Up November 10, 2020
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An herbal vaporizer created by the Vape Critic, currently only available for purchase by requesting to be on the wait list. Each unit is made one-by-one by hand at the moment, but totally a ridiculous beast of a vape worth checking out. The Vape Critic hit it out of the ballpark with this one! It's an all in one device that has an herb chamber, heating element, and cooling element all housed inside a nice small glass slide. Some are calling it a hybrid vape because it can't be categorized as a true "desktop" or as a true "portable", rather it has the ability to be used as either in its current form, making it the first "hybrid" vaporizer on the market. The design crossbreeds vaping and smoking which allows the user to get the enjoyment of smoking bud the old school way, but with the health benefits and cleanness/purity of vaping the new school way. The concept bridges the gap for those who haven't fully converted from smoking to vaping yet by minimizing the drastic difference between smoking and vaping bud they may have had in the past. So in the end, this vape has the capability to use small amounts of product to create large potent hits that can satisfy even the most difficult to please vapers. Go to the Vapelife forum for more info.
Damn what a beast vaporizer that G43 is!

G'd up from ma feet up with the G43 vape.

That G43 kapooya'd me in the face, it's insane brossef you gotta try it.

Honey I'm going to buy the G43 vaporizer from Bud and Hazel.
by WhatdaDeuce March 29, 2019
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Being the new kid on the block, Vapor Soul is a music genre of debated origins, some say it was only invented by spotify in their wrapped yearly event as a marketing ploy, others believe that it is just the kids new trend. But to the attentive listener, they will notice that this kind of music has been slowly defining itself and growing its repertoire artist after artist for the past decade.

Vapor soul is a vibey mixture of Deep House, Electronica, Indie Pop, Hip Hop, ChillStep, House, usually with some lofi aesthetic (but is far from a requirement) and filling you with a genuine and warm feeling of peace of mind. An obvious comparasion with Vapor Wave is to be made, where some could argue Vapor Soul to be a blend of modern non ironic music with the "vapor" in Vapor Wave.

Some defining examples of vapor soul artists include: Tora, ZHU, BAYNK, Ark Patrol, TENDER, Tep No, Shallou, Vancouver Sleep Clinic, Foreign Air, Hablot Brown, Tim Atlas, NoMBe, BANKS, Mansionair, Bob Moses, Flight Facilities, The Whitest Boy Alive, Chet Faker, Geoffrey, Filous, RKCB, SG Lewis, Emmit Fenn, NASAYA, RÜFÜS DU SOL, Crooked Colours, Big Wild, ODESZA, Louis La Roche, Tourist, Two Another, The Kite String Tangle, Kidnap, Villas Alps, Yoe Mase and many more existing or about to come.
"Man, I've been listening to these artists for years and i never knew there could be a name for a genre to group them all like that! "Vapor Soul" really fits them well
by hypstersaurus December 15, 2021
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The feeling of crankiness to the point of needing to fan yourself.
After chasing the drunk down the street, Judy had to retreat to the back room due to the cranky vapors.
by nc2016 October 22, 2016
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