A person who upon visualizing, reading, thinking, or even imagining something attractive or sexual embodies the characteristics of a southern elderly lady and receives warmth in the crotch area, similar to that of a dog in heat.
After hearing that Gary was going with the class to Italy Amanda received the vapors. She went home and took a cold shower to relieve herself.

Also may quote the line "I do indeed have the vapors" (While fanning themselves or their crotch)
by SammyDavies3 October 11, 2005
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An individual with a personality that has no substance or depth
Have you ever had a serious conversation with Paul? I was talking with him about the situation in Iraq and he responded about the size of his bowel movement this morning. That guy is vapor.
by Wit765 May 16, 2011
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Vaporize is the act of using a vaporizer when smoking Marijuana.
I don't want any bongs, lets vaporize these nuggs.
by Ami Z March 16, 2006
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A device designed to produce and emit vapor, through the application of heat below the combustion threshold, which can be used in one or more of the following applications: aromatherapy, mineral diffusion, culinary arts, steaming, and vaporization. Often used in place of tobacco products such as tobacco pipes due to a widely shared belief amongst users that vaporizing is less harmful (not as bad) as combustion which creates smoke, as known carcinogens found in smoke have proven detrimental to human health when inhaled.

Vaporizers come in many different styles such as the pen vaporizers reminiscent of electronic cigarettes and other portable styles, as well as plugin units that offer different methods of delivery. The main delivery methods are bags/balloons, whips/hoses, and ambient delivery (directly into the atmosphere).
1. I used a vaporizer to vaporize my loose-leaf tobacco, as I prefer vapor to smoke.
2. I use a vaporizer to create calming fragrances in my home (aromatherapy).
3. I use a vaporizer to infuse my dishes with delightful herbs and spices (culinary arts).
by VapeForest.com July 23, 2013
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It's something you do to your bestest friend on GTA4 on your ps3.
You shoot at them with a rocket launcher and hope it says 'VAPORIZED YOUR BESTEST FRIEND'

Then you have to hug him because they're very sad and cry irl =(
*secretly goes on her bro's ps3*
*goes downstairs and hugs her bestest friend* <3
by _Ellentard August 25, 2009
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A vaporizer is a device, used often by consumers of cannabis, which enables to user to ingest a doughnut with out having to chew it up. The doughnut is placed in a chamber and is heated to its vaporization point. As the operator sucks on a tube which draws fresh air through the chamber the vaporized doughnut material is drawn through the tube, into the user's mouth, and over their taste buds. This gives the effect of allowing the user to taste the doughnut but they are not required to actually swallow it.

Proponents of the vaporizer claim the taste of vaporized doughnut matches or surpasses the taste of doughnuts eaten with a bong. A recent study demonstrated that the water in a bong filtered out more sugar than either a vaporizer or eating a doughnut using only the hands.
Using a vaporizer to eat those half dozen doughnut, i'm into it.
by Arm May 5, 2006
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Mainly used in the south. Describes a dizzying condition where the victim will actually see vapors in the air they breathe. Onset by hot and humid weather, think of really thick and soupy weather. Usually fanning or air conditioning will cure it.
It is so hot and wet out here I got the vapors!
by Shiftinator July 13, 2007
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