a smart lil sea boi! turtles r good for the environment and are very friendly!! they may walk slow but they are cute and adorable. do not hate on turtles :,)
by 1ly October 20, 2019
The Turtle is It's (Pennywise) natural enemy. He, like It, is also an ancient Macroverse dweller and he vomited up our universe and possibly others while having indigestion.

Later, a few years before the Losers would return to Derry, the Turtle puked inside his shell and choked to death on a galaxy or two.
The Turtle likes to use the word "son" and gave odd advice to Bill while he was in the void the first time.
by Arc of Reason July 11, 2008
a fucking person that walks to slow in the hallway and can’t decide which direction to go
omg ur a turtle u don’t know how to walk
by morgan 56039 January 12, 2020