The Turtle is It's (Pennywise) natural enemy. He, like It, is also an ancient Macroverse dweller and he vomited up our universe and possibly others while having indigestion.

Later, a few years before the Losers would return to Derry, the Turtle puked inside his shell and choked to death on a galaxy or two.
The Turtle likes to use the word "son" and gave odd advice to Bill while he was in the void the first time.
by Arc of Reason July 11, 2008
a smart lil sea boi! turtles r good for the environment and are very friendly!! they may walk slow but they are cute and adorable. do not hate on turtles :,)
by 1ly October 20, 2019
a fucking person that walks to slow in the hallway and can’t decide which direction to go
omg ur a turtle u don’t know how to walk
by morgan 56039 January 12, 2020
1. (zoology) Small sea reptile with a hard shell; see also tortoise
2. (surfing) Swimming style, where one flips over onto the back or top
3. (history, military) Protective shielded formation used in Ancient Rome
4. (programming) Terse RDF Triple Language, a RDF data model syntax
5. (slang) Slow
6. (slang) Person who took too long to realize something; syn. snail
7. (slang) Slow person, often walking directionless and confused
8. (slang, south USA) The trunk of a car
9. (slang, psychology) Person who hides in his emotional shell during a conflict
10. (slang, psychology) Person who feels so sorry for something they keep on apologizing
11. (slang, gaming, RTS) Defensive strategy focused on unit number
12. (slang, gaming, RPG) Defensive playstyle; syn. tank
13. (slang, sex) Person who hardly moves during intercourse, usually just laying down
1. Aww, look at that cute little turtle! (Turtle: hello!)
2. I turtled, flipped upright and started paddling again.
3. Soldiers, formation turtle!
4. You need to specify the prefix! Du you know nothing about turtle syntax?
5. C'mon dude, you're such a turtle! Get on with it!
6. He took so long to get that joke I made. Such a turtle.
7. She is turtling in the main square, she probably doesn't even know where she's going.
8. My car's turtle is bigger than it looks, mate!
9. As soon as they raised their voices, she turtled and didn't say a word the entire trip.
10. After accidentally hitting his friend, he turtled so much! He kept on apologizing and asking if he's okay for 20 damn minutes!
11. I'm gonna spam trash units and turtle.
12. All points assigned to health and got the heaviest armour. I'll be your turtle, you guys deal the damage!
13. Such a pillow princess turtle you are, I barely know you're alive!
by ONG3N April 6, 2022