Sister: Have you seen my Taylor Swift CD
Rest of family: Yes, we saw it and decided to turf it, as we didn't want that garbage in our house.
by IllWill99 July 31, 2020
Area where which a streetgang calls it's own (neighborhood)
This is our turf, get the h*ll out!
by ein July 21, 2003
to be removed from a certain place or establishment
to be rejected
"shame blad you got turfed"
by mr majestic June 5, 2005
bay area dance, exclusive shit
original hyphy dance
'ay can u turf?'
"hell yea, u know i can"
by WOA March 17, 2006
To turf is to send along to someone else.
I'm gonna turf that errand to Eric.

I'm so glad she turfed my email to Karen cuz otherwise I woulda never gotten the job!
by avsavsavs May 4, 2012
1)A place that a group or gang thinks they own, usually there neighborhood

2)To look around for a woman to fuck
1)*Gang 1 goes into Gang 2's neighborhood*
Gang 2: Get the hell out of here, this is our turf.

2)Ben's so desperate, he needs to go turing in Times Square to find a chick to bang
by Yours Truly June 22, 2004