Area where which a streetgang calls it's own (neighborhood)
This is our turf, get the h*ll out!
by ein July 21, 2003
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1)A place that a group or gang thinks they own, usually there neighborhood

2)To look around for a woman to fuck
1)*Gang 1 goes into Gang 2's neighborhood*
Gang 2: Get the hell out of here, this is our turf.

2)Ben's so desperate, he needs to go turing in Times Square to find a chick to bang
by Yours Truly June 22, 2004
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This style of dance originated in Sacramento but spread to the Bay Area. It involves gliding on the floor, moving your ams/hands/legs in box like shapes, and being smooth with your motions. It's basically the sickest way to danceeeeee

"Yo, dis poppin shit is hella old, son..."
"Fo sho! Let's go watch Kareem turf!"
by Hollerrrrrrrrrr February 28, 2009
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"hey lisa simpson, u wanna come smoke sum turf with the brothers?"
by froletoad January 18, 2017
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n. Any girl that deserves or earns little respect. Usually these girls are ready and willing to go home with you from a drinking establishment approximately 10 minutes after hearing the alert of "Last Call". Any loud or annoying girl that refuses to leave you alone or shut up, this behavior is commonly associated with, but not restricted to, drinking (origin: Late Night Turf Hoe).
I was so drunk I don't even remember what that turf I took home last night looked like.
by Dean Sticky February 25, 2003
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v. 1. To hook up with a girl; generally this is a girl that is not very attractive and one often needs 8-10 drinks to even considering letting her touch your penis. 2. The act of taking a "turf" home with you.
After I broke up with Chelsea, I got faded with my friends and went turfing at the pub down the street.
by Dean Sticky February 25, 2003
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