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1. An uncontrolable flirt

2. A somewhat egotistic, but mainly intelligent male.

3. A dirty bastard that many women seem to like for unknown reasons.
"Damn, that Jermain....SO HOT!"
by Valsmash October 15, 2006
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Generating from Birmingham, England, this word is another way to say the word "definiately". It was formed from the Tottenham Hotspur and England striker Jermain Defoe's first name, as many people say the word "defo" instead of definately.
"Are you going to play football after schhol tonight?"
"Yeah, Jermain"
by eLCon October 05, 2005
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A guy who uses his girl and fucks around with other girls while he has a girlfriend and then do like he is sorry for it

to get her back when she founds out and then hurt her again
and the lie to everybody saying that he girl was wrong
jermain made his girlfriend cry again
by i am who i am August 06, 2012
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Jermain can be used as a singular noun for a legendary or at times classendary person. The noun Jermain is derived from the Spurs player Jermain Defo. Jermain is used to refer to people in the singular only, it is not a collective noun.

"How many Jermains are going down the pub tonight?"
by J David Jerome October 03, 2006
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A nice dude that cares for others and his self he is willing to take chances and willing to give changes
Jermain gave me another chance again
by Babie rayray June 03, 2019
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A cool guy that likes to talk on awkward subject.He curses and claimed he is "intelligent".He will never be cool. YAAAAAA.
That guys is so lame,he is totally a Jermain.
via giphy
by chinkennugget1853 May 06, 2018
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