12 definitions by zachnnn

to sit/chill/talk/eat etc. somewhere
I'm gonna go bench it at Trevors house later.
by zachnnn April 29, 2007
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To yell at and/or scold and individual.
My wife is going to throttle me tomorrow when she finds out about this! Oh well.
by zachnnn March 20, 2007
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Sippin on that grapejuice..
by zachnnn March 23, 2007
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Refers to when a situation has returned to normal or there is a state of neutrality. (As opposed to upside down)

Syn. : proper
Did you hear that Joe stole John's bike?
Yeah that shit's upside up now- John gave Joe an eye jammy, so it's all good.
by zachnnn May 10, 2007
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Spanish for 'grandson'
Spanish: Dónde es mi nieto?
English: Where is my grandson?
by zachnnn March 21, 2007
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*nerd walks by wearing high waters*

Yo, check out that nerd! I bet he's preparing for the flood!
by zachnnn February 3, 2007
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"I'm in this business of terror, got a handful of stacks better grab an umbrella"
-Lil' Wayne
by zachnnn March 21, 2007
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