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Katie McCard. Katie McGoal. Only scores bangers. Football player for Ireland and Arsenal.
Who is the most badass football player ever?
Katie McCabe because of her attitude. And she scored an Olimpico at the World Cup.
by chFree77 October 28, 2023
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Baby-faced assassin. Assist queen. Gets FIRED UP when she scores. Won the Norwegian Golden Ball for best football player in the country.
You see that icon? That's Guro Reiten.
by chFree77 November 3, 2023
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Gender reveals are to find out the gender of an unborn baby. The reveal can be through pink or blue balloons, cake, opening a box, or something similar. The gender is one of the first things you get to find out about the baby. It's a new piece of them you get to meet so it's special and exciting. When the parents learn the gender they can start planning clothes, his/her room, and even the child's name. Parents go through the effort to treat their friends to food, desserts, and a party.
Sarah: You wanna come to our gender reveal party?
Elsie: Ooooh yes!
*later at the party*
Anthony: My boy Jimmy is having a boy!
Colin: Yoooo!
Jimmy: *happy noises, whooping*
by chFree77 September 13, 2020
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Christine Sinclair, the highest goal scorer of international football. Captain of the Canada national team. Olympic gold medalist.
The Goat of Football Christine Sinclair has 190 international goals. Penaldo has 127, and he needed 4 milion penalties to do it.
by chFree77 November 7, 2023
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People say they are against "slut shaming" when they are trying to tell us a girl who goes around half naked is just as honorable as a girl who dresses nicely, and that a slut is as good as a girl who only has sex with one guy in her life.
How is having my boobs out not a decent outfit?????

Why does sexual history matter
You think women's choices have value

How dehumanizing
I am the same as a virgin wife

Stop slut shaming, bigots
by chFree77 October 18, 2018
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One of the greatest footballers of all time. Most important Australian to ever live. Known for her tenacious talent, frequent scoring in crucial moments, backflip goal celebrations, and likable personality.
I love Sam Kerr so much it's unreal.
by chFree77 August 29, 2023
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Giga GOAT of football. Known for her perfect technique. Creates beauty in the midfield. Humble and stands up for her teammates. Uses her mother's surname. Brings glory to the world of football. Described as "pure elegance" on the field.
Who had the best 2023 ever?
Aitana Bonmatí. She won the World Cup with Spain, Champions League with Barcelona, World Cup Golden Ball, Primera División title, Supercopa, Supercopa MVP, UEFA Player of the Year, and Ballon d'Or... ALL IN 2023.
by chFree77 October 31, 2023
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