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A girl or guy who sleeps with multiple people. We're using the word to describe guys too if it fits them. Multiple means more than one. Whores will make up a weird definition of multiple.
Don't make excuses, whore.
You'll never become a good husband or wife if you are a whore.
by chFree77 July 30, 2018

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People say they are against "slut shaming" when they are trying to tell us a girl who goes around half naked is just as honorable as a girl who dresses nicely, and that a slut is as good as a girl who only has sex with one guy in her life.
How is having my boobs out not a decent outfit?????

Why does sexual history matter
You think women's choices have value

How dehumanizing
I am the same as a virgin wife

Stop slut shaming, bigots
by chFree77 October 18, 2018

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Gender reveals are to find out the gender of an unborn baby. The reveal can be through pink or blue balloons, cake, opening a box, or something similar. The gender is one of the first things you get to find out about the baby. It's a new piece of them you get to meet so it's special and exciting. When the parents learn the gender they can start planning clothes, his/her room, and even the child's name. Parents go through the effort to treat their friends to food, desserts, and a party.
Sarah: You wanna come to our gender reveal party?
Elsie: Ooooh yes!
*later at the party*
Anthony: My boy Jimmy is having a boy!
Colin: Yoooo!
Jimmy: *happy noises, whooping*
by chFree77 September 13, 2020

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