A member of a kpop group SHINee.

A person with an angelic voice, splendid smile and even more beautiful personality.

A kpop idol who fought for lgbt+ rights and wrote splendid and realistic lyrics.
A korean artist who wasn’t afraid to talk about his depression yet he didn’t get the help he needed. He cared for so many people and so many people cared about him but he didn’t want to burden them with his own problems.
All you need to know is that he worked hard, he was (still is) an inspiration for many many people and he was a human being with a big heart.

You did well, Jonghyun.
Rest In Peace.
Someone: Who’s Jonghyun?
Shawol points to the sky and says: Do you see the star? That’s him, our Jonghyunie, still shining even though it’s not on the stage.
by edawn’s jesus December 22, 2017
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Jonghyun means a moon. No matter how bright or slightly seen it is. Jonghyun means a moon.
Shawols: Sometimes I can hear our moon sing when I look up.
Others: How can a moon sing?
Shawols: Cause our Jonghyunie is the moon and you bet he can sing!
by Kiseki. June 15, 2018
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Person 1: I'll miss you Jonghyun you did well I'm proud of you

Person 2: sleep well up in heaven

Person 3: *gross sobbing in the corner*
by Tai B January 23, 2018
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An amazing and passionate singer/songwriter in the South Korean Pop group, SHINee

An idol who was beautiful on the outside, but especially beautiful on the inside.

A boy who was very sensitive and believed that men shouldn’t be ashamed if they cried.

A person who encouraged others to believe they are beautiful and that they should be loved by not necessarily their looks, but their talent and personality.
A human who was open about his struggles, yet never tried to receive help. Someone who always put others in front of himself.
An angel who deserves his peace now.

I will love you forever Jjong. You did well.

Us, Shawols, are sending our love to you at every single moment. We’ll always be with you ❤️
Person 1: who is that angel on stage with that gorgeous voice?
Person 2: that’s Jonghyun
by AlwaysBeWithYou October 27, 2018
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A Korean idol singer who is also one of the sexiest men alive. Has an amazing voice and jawline. He slightly resembles a T-Rex.
non-Shawol: What is that T-Rex doing stomping around with people?
Shawol: That's Jonghyun. And he's a sexy T-Rex.
by zsofi-shawol July 17, 2011
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Hot piece of ass.

A member of the popular south korean pop group SHINee.
Person 1: Holy shit, that guy is insanely hot, who is he?
Person 2: It's Jonghyun of course, motherfucker

Person 3: I would do him ten times over, and i'm not even gay
Person 4: Who wouldn't?
by h24tn June 2, 2013
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Jonghyun IS a beautiful man with a pure heart born in the sign of Aries.

We remember him not because of his death but because of his talent. He was a producer, poet, musician and above all a good person. Listen to his music, watch his pretty smile and love him of bottom of your heart.

I recommend listening to: Just For a Day, Before Our Spring, Moon, White T-shirt, Lonely or Hallelujah.

We can greet him every night in the sky if you see the moon.

(PS.: Don't be sad that he is no longer with us. Be happy that you lived at the same time on the same planet as this amazing person.)
,,I saw a blue moon tonight. It was so beautiful!!’’

,,Yeah, it was a Jonghyun. Don’t forget say hi.’’
by eliskv May 3, 2021
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