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Member of SM Entertainment's contemporary R&B boy band, SHINee. Despite being the appointed leader of the group, he tends to physically injure and publicly humiliate himself (although he just waves most of these incidents off). Due to his clumsiness, the other members diagnosed him with an untreatable "condition".

Onew Condition: the ability to freeze the atmosphere with a lame joke or gesture; to be excessively clumsy.

Born December 14, 1989, under the name Lee Jinki.

Nicknamed "Dubu" (tofu) by his fellow members.

Graduated 2nd in his senior class in high school.

Can speak conversational Mandarin and English.
"I fell down the stairs on my way here... "
" Oh, wow, that's, like, sooo Onew. "
by bloofluff May 23, 2009
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Of new
Would that promise o'new year speak o'life transformed in front of fireplaces with decorations so adorned or in more humid climates splashing in waves arisen for those staggering to feet from old year's prison?
by Hercolena Oliver June 15, 2010
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