Member of SM Entertainment's contemporary R&B boy band, SHINee. Despite being the appointed leader of the group, he tends to physically injure and publicly humiliate himself (although he just waves most of these incidents off). Due to his clumsiness, the other members diagnosed him with an untreatable "condition".

Onew Condition: the ability to freeze the atmosphere with a lame joke or gesture; to be excessively clumsy.

Born December 14, 1989, under the name Lee Jinki.

Nicknamed "Dubu" (tofu) by his fellow members.

Graduated 2nd in his senior class in high school.

Can speak conversational Mandarin and English.
"I fell down the stairs on my way here... "
" Oh, wow, that's, like, sooo Onew. "
by bloofluff May 23, 2009
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The thing about Onewe's music is that no matter what the genre is, they go straight in my heart. Their melody is just so beautiful. Even the word 'Ethereal' is not enough to desrcribe it. Their music is so passionate that it pierces to your heart. I don't know how they do this but this is absolutely one of the best things. K-bands have so many good songs with deep meaningful lyrics but not many people know about them and that's sad. I wish they were more popular.

Reasons to support Onewe ~
1. ALL members have written + composed at least 1 song for the album "Planet Nine: Voyager"!

2. Kind hearted – for example, donated all proceeds from their 1st song to charity, song Trigger_ from this album(planet nine: voyager) is about fighting prejudice/discrimination.
3. Longtime friends who made a band, active since 2015 playing on the streets!
4. All members are in the top 50 most copyrighted 4th gen idols, can play several instruments, dance, arrange covers, do mixing, painting, design album art, do makeup and styling, photography, … Multitalented, but they stay humble and loved by everyone they meet.

Bassist CyA also has a soundcloud (latecya) for his rap mixtapes, and participated as producer or writer for songs for other idols like Sunwoo (The Boyz), Oneus and Purple Kiss!

5. They’re a lovable chaotic mess who bobsleigh down their company halls and look at each other like they put the stars up in the sky + wish to be always together!
Me: Stan Onewe, unproblematic kings everyone!
Them: Oh, i've heard of Oneus but not Onewe?
Me: They're brother groups! Stan both, unproblematic kings!!
by @1sghnn on tiktok March 5, 2022
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A condition which a member of SHINee has. Named after the leader of SHINee, Lee Onew (Lee JinKi), the condition is quite contagious. If you are crashing into random things, tripping over your own feet, craving for chicken, or making lame jokes that make the atmosphere awkward, you might just have this condition. There is no cure for this condition, but it might warm your heart that you aren't the only person who is suffering from this condition.

This condition was first named when fans of SHINee, known as Shawols, noticed that Onew kept making cute mistakes. At first they thought that it was very cute of Onew, but as time passed, they began to suspect that Onew was doing this for fanservice, and began to worry that he would hurt himself. His fellow members, Key and Jonghyun, have confirmed that this condition is real, and that Onew is not acting.
Onew Condition is really cute to see.

I hope that Onew won't hurt himself because of his Onew Condition.
by ShawolStar<3 December 6, 2010
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Onew Condition is a very strange, mortal, super contagious sickness. You can assume you have this syndrome if you are weather making mistakes, talking or thinking about chicken, continuously tripping/falling, or making lame jokes and gestures that freeze the atmosphere.

This illness was developed by Lee Jinky, best known as Onew, leader of K-POP group SHINee, which provides this condition's name. Shawols, fans of SHINee, have been studying this particular illness over the years and haven't found the cure for this. However, SHINee members have found that you can ease this disease by singing "Molhaedo Onew Sangtae" (which means "Whatever he does, it's Onew condition") whenever the disease occurs.
Onew: "Why didn't the chicken cross the road?....Because I ate it!"
SHINee: *awkward silence*
SHINee: "♫ Molhaedo Onew Sangtae ♪" (Whatever he does, it's Onew condition.)
by Shawol4life August 29, 2011
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