If you are born on May25 you are a very pretty person and are very lucky and blessed
Hi May 25 people
by Randomperson333333 December 14, 2019
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The baddest but funniest of them all were born on this day. They are cute, sweet, and hilarious. If you’re born on this day you have a pass to slap anyone’s ass you want only on this day.
Ben:Yo bro it’s my birthday.
Mike: it’s already May 25
Ben: yea imma go slap my crushes ass🤫
by You like jazzzz... October 30, 2019
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The best people are born! They have beautiful eyes, the best smile and the most amazing laugh you will ever hear. Their hair is flawless and nose is cute as a button. They have the most caring personality and are 1 in a billion. They are so sweet and the offspring of a true Goddess. You will be lucky to witness then
Oh my shortie is born on may 25 of course shes my definition of perfect
by Dia ;) February 14, 2021
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the baddest of them all was born , sis them geminis the shit, they probably gay but shit you can at least try.
that jawn was born on may 25 and she wifey material. PERIODT
by the realest and the baddest October 24, 2019
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