A couple name based on the pairing for two members of a famous K-Pop boy group, SHINee, namely Choi Minho and Lee Taemin. These two are often seen talking and holding hands during appearances on award shows, live performances, etc.
2Min is my OTP 4Ever :D
by COOkIesrOCkkeke August 6, 2011
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A combination couple name for Minho, the flaming charisma and Taemin, the maknae of South Korea's boy band SHINee.
"Aaaaw, Minho always hug Taeminnie."
"I love 2min!"
by CALPICO SKY June 28, 2009
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ship name of seungmin and lee know stray kids, also known as the divorced couple but they're remarried now!
omg 2min is super cute!

2min on dekira tomorrow?!?! i can't wait

2min remarried
by 2miners May 24, 2021
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A very underrated ship with seungmin and lee know. It is the best ship ever .
2min Is the best ship
by Straykidsfandom November 3, 2022
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