Noun: The grouping of two famous Korean Pop Singers - Kim Jonghyun and Kim Kibum 'Key'.

Jongkey is a infamous pair that has quickly risen to fame in the SHINee fandom; its a phenomenon amongst fans, a "otp" that is enjoyed by millions. The popluar pair has plenty of fan communities on sites such as tumblr and livejournal alike. The two are known very well for flirting and camwhoring and Jonghyun - being the skinship king that he is - has a infatuation for touching Key in public (and private; or so us fans hope). Because of this, Jongkey is the first thing to come to mind when someone mentions SHINee pairs and/or otp's. However, Jongkey is often interrupted by the well-known cockblocker - Minho.
- "Omona! Did you see that Jongkey moment on Starking?!"

- "I'm totally flailing over the Jongkey cut on the making of Muzit! So cute!"

- "I was so annoyed when Minho kept cockblocking; Can't he see that Jongkey is real?! Aish!"
by Niel. October 11, 2010
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A fan pairing of Jonghyun and Key (Kibum) from the K-Pop group Shinee (샤이니).
Fangirl 1: Did you read the new chapter of the Jongkey fanfiction?!

Fangirl 2: Of course! It was so hot!

Fangirl 1: I know, right?!

Fangirl 1 & 2: **KYAHHH!!!**
by Sei350 August 13, 2011
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Noun : The couple name of two Korean Kpop idols - Jonghyun and Key (Kim Kibum).

JongKey is the reality every JongKey shipper (and Jonghyun) wants. They have a lot of moments of intense staring and obvious lust for each other. They also exchange the sweetest words among each other.

JongKey is every JongKey shipper's obsession and reality.

JongKey is also very beautiful and perfect together.
"Jonghyun : The luckiest day of my life was the day I met Key."

JongKey shipper A : OMG! JONGKEY IS SO REAL!

by 230991 January 25, 2012
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Noun. The pairing name assigned to Jonghyun and Key of the boyband, SHINee. Can also be referred to as KeyHyun.

Notable characteristics include:

a) unnecessary and excessive touching;

b) blatant staring at each other, even across continents;

c) frequent exchange of flattery;
d) public confessions and marriage proposals;

e) referring to each other with endearments, such as 'yeobo' or 'honey';

f) wearing matching couple's clothing, and;
g) a susceptibility to being separated by a cockblock named Minho.

As determined by fandom consensus (a.k.a. many fics writers write them this way) Jonghyun is the top and Key is the bottom.
A: JongKey was wearing the same shirt today!
B: They're so married!
A: Minho was in between them though.
B: No surprise there.

A: I wish JongKey would just come out already.
B: I think we're way past questioning the nature of their relationship after Jonghyun's marriage proposal.
by ladyheecat October 21, 2010
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