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shack v. intr.

to spend the night at someone's place, sleep in the same bed, and mess around. sex may or may not occur.
"I shacked with him four nights last week, so I think things are getting pretty serious."
by jpatt December 24, 2004

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voluMptuous (please note the 'm')

Unlike a voluptuous chick's body which can be somewhat hot in a curvy and feminine way, the volumptuous chick is just fat and lumpy.
-She was pretty hot, in a voluptuous sort of way.
-More like voluMptuous, that girl was a fatass.
by JPatt March 17, 2006

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when you pass out somewhere and have to walk home in last night's clothes looking like you shacked up with someone when in actuality you slept alone in a puddle of your own vomit.
"That's last night's dress. You doing the walk of shame?"
"More like the walk of lame-- I passed out in the frat house bathroom alone."
by jpatt December 24, 2004

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also known as "partying like a rockstar"

Rockstar partying is getting belligerent-wasted in a hotel room with liquor, cocaine, pot, heroin and any other drug imaginable. Rockstar partiers have sex rockstar style
Dude 1: What are you going to do after the bars close?
Dude 2: I'm gonna start rockstar partying at the hotel 'til sunrise.
Dude 1: Sweet, I'll get some blow.
by JPatt March 17, 2006

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To make something perverted.
Sam perfertified the word graduated cylinder, by relating it to something else.
by jpatt February 23, 2005

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an situation or event that is both painful and pathetic simultaneously
guy 1: Dude, you're begging for her back after SHE cheated on YOU?
guy 2: Yeah... it's really painthetic.
by jpatt February 19, 2006

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a college slut who only gets it on with fratastic guys. generally wears designer jeans, silky tank tops, and stiletto heels.
Do her sorority sisters know how many guys that slup hooked up with at the Delt house?
by jpatt February 09, 2005

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