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A phrase everyone thinks when they submit a word which gets declined.
I wrote a not rude and not aggressive word and i expected it to be submitted... To my shock it was declined. So...I sent it again and well...it was declined again!

The editors can go fuck themselves.

Also, if you're an editor and you're reading this, I hope you are one of the good ones...otherwise take your laptop and shove it straight up your candy ass (check out The Rock) ;)
by diamondmanizzle3 January 14, 2014

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a game young children make up where they usually put cushions on the floor and have to jump only on those cushions to get to certain places.
john: if you jump on the lava you will die
bob: that why i not going to jump on the lava floor.
by diamondmanizzle3 October 26, 2013

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An action carried out without real interest, feeling, or effort.
When i watch T.V I feel like I just did something perfunctory
by diamondmanizzle3 October 28, 2013

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Only seeing in one direction.
Oblivious to other views and opinions.
Person 1: Homosexuality is wrong!
Person 2: But they've found love, surely if two people find...
Person 1: (Interrupts) IT'S WRONG!

Example of someone being One Eyed
by diamondmanizzle3 February 23, 2014

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It means your doing a perfunctory task that is drying you out.
Man this David Attenborough documentary is dry breeze.
by diamondmanizzle3 October 26, 2013

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Music without taste. Mostly auto-tuned and basically not real. Most girls seem to be obsessed with him, even though he is terrible at the only job he has to do-make music. And even when he fakes it (which is all the time) it still sounds awful.
(Horrible music playing in background)
Peter: Oh Jesus! What is this filth?
Daughter: O-M-G how do u not like dis music. This is well sick.
Peter: But it's not Bowie?
Daughter: Who?
Peter: You are no daughter of mine.
Daughter: O-M-G dad! It's Justin Bieber.

(Whilst i'm writing this, the word 'Bieber' has a squiggly red line underneath it. However unfair this world, there is atleast some satisfaction in that).
by diamondmanizzle3 August 03, 2013

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something really boring and seemingly never ending. It can also be used for perfunctory tasks.
doing the housework is long balls
by diamondmanizzle3 October 27, 2013

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