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A highly Qualified person no matter what a Pilot flys. They have to be well trained and ready for anything. Any person who flys as a pilot at any level for more than a few years will face death in there hands whether it is a Engine Failure or Fire ect...
Being a Commercial pilot is one of the most respectible jobs in the world. The lives of 50-450 people in the hands of the pilots. Pilots cant make mistakes. Also one of the hardest jobs in the world to attain and complete. Landing a plane in 30 knot corsswind or landing with broken Landing Gear or engine failure. Pilots also have to trust other people they dont even know with their lives like Air Traffic Controllers and Mechanics.
" There is no such thing of a bad pilot" Why? Because all the bad pilots are dead.

In aviation you need to learn from others mistakes because you wont be alive if you just learn from your own.

Pilots are awesome.
by Steven jp October 08, 2005

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