A game about, a kid from Onett (Ness) who is told by an being from ten years in the future that he must save the world. And Ness eventually meets other kids and they save the world from an alien invasion.
by Ness June 13, 2004
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The greatest game ever. Ness, Paula, Jeff, and Poo save the world from the evil Gigyas and the backstabbing Pokey. All other games pale in comparison to Earthbound.
New Aged Retro Hippie uses protractor.
New Aged Retro Hippie can now measure things easily.
New Aged Retro Hippie returns to normal. You have won!!!
by Sodomy August 3, 2004
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one of the best RPGs ever made.
Game for the SNES.
by Ima Man February 22, 2004
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The best SNES game ever. A boy named Ness and his friends go out to save the world from aliens and beat up the fathead Pokey Minch (but the little fatty runs away 'cuz he's scared).
EarthBound is the best. Who knew a dog can type?
by King, Ness's dog August 17, 2007
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The best game for the SNES. Period.
Earthbound is so much fun!!
by Mr. GS December 27, 2005
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The most underrated RPG ever made. Released for the SNES back in the mid 1990's, it revolved around 4 kids that meet up with eachother throughout the course of the game to defeat an Alien (Gigyas) that plans to destroy the Universe in the future.

The game was known for it's off-beat humor (much of it being quirky Japanese portrayals of American culture), and ridiculously addictive gameplay, along with a great story. While it was very popular upon it's release in Japan, it didn't do so well in the US, despite massive promotion, since many people found the simple graphics a turn-off, and it was released later in the systems life, when the next generation of gaming consoles was beginning to break into the market (At the time, being Sega Saturn and Playstation).

The game later developed a massive cult following, as people who weren't exposed to it when it was new discovered just how great it is. A sequel, Mother 3, came out in Japan for GBA, but has seen no official US release.

- "Dude, I'm so tired"
- "Why's that?"
- "I was up all night playing Earthbound again..."


Since Earthbound is considered such a rare classic now, original cartridges of the game now go for small fortunes on Ebay!
by FlightofIcarus March 24, 2010
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